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Best Facial

The best way to beat dry winter skin is through exfoliating and intensive hydrating facials. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times weekly if you have dry skin and 2-3 times weekly if you have oily skin.

Get a professional facial every 6-8 weeks.

Is one that constitutes use of natural ingredients because they contain all of the essential vitamins that the skin need and are able to revitalize it without the worry of harsh chemical additives that can affect the balance of the skin.


Is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root,new hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for 2 to 4 weeks.

Break out occurs after waxing because of oily skin or high levels of stress

Winter hair tips

Chilly weather brings our warm clothes that wreak havoc on the hair line especially at the nape . to prevent wool scarves , hats and sweaters from pulling hair out at the nape, line them with silk scarf's

Hair, breakage, loss and thinning.

The distinct difference between Hair loss and Hair breakage:

1. Hair Breakage is when the hair fractures on the ends or at any point throughout the length of the hair strand. Split Ends is among the most common cause of hair breakage and will result when the tip of the hair shaft is broken at the cortex. When the cortex is exposed, it becomes dry and the end begins to fray or split, leaving the hair with a dull, ragged appearance, usually self-inflicted which is the result of improper hair care.

2. Hair Loss is when the hair comes out completely from the root of the follicle. Most cases of hair loss are hormonal, nutritional or emotionally related. Conditioning, treatment and cutting of portions of damaged hair are among the most beneficial alternatives to restoring damaged hair.

How to maintain weave between salon visit

For straight hair weaves wrap at night ,for added volume add 4-6 rollers in crown of your hair.

For wet and wavy weaves, by double strand twisting with Aveda brilliant ligh element wil give your weave shine and control.

For afro weave. by using a bonnet cap and finger style in the morning with aveda brilliant spray on shine will make a big difference.

How do i transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?

There is really no quick or easy way . A relaxer is permanent . It cannot be removed ( expect with a scissors). If you want to grow your hair out , be prepared for breakage . so be sure to deep condition .

Hair Care Topics

Deep treatment every two weeks is recommend .

Trim ends every four weeks to control split ends and breakage.

Shampoo hair on leaving pool with clarifying shampoo after leaving the pool.

Loving Our Hair

Mother nature has given us a head full of beauty. It's up to us to take care of it. Our hair, as you know, comes in a glorious range of textures: whether it's straight, wavy or curly, long or short. We possess the most versatile hair styles that can enhance the beauty of our crown of glory. No matter how you choose to wear it, you always want it to be at its best. To achieve a healthy, beautiful crown, treat your hair with love. Hair responds to nurturing and attention. Proper nutrients, moisture and conditioning will give your hair sheen and make it easier to manage.

Hair & Scalp Disorders Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff

This is the most common disease of the scalp. Dandruff consists of small, white scales that usually appear on the scalp. Severe cases of dandruff produce scabbing, itching, swelling and redness. It affects children as young as 6 and adults up to age 75. Medicated shampoos are helpful, but must be followed by a moisturizing shampoo. A biweekly shampoo and hot oil treatment is recommended.

The possible causes of dandruff include:

1. Malfunction of oil glands

2. Scalp bacteria

3. Atight, dry scalp

4. Imbalance of hormones


Alopecia is the abnormal thinning or balding of the hair. It begins with a gradual thinning of the hair on top of the scalp. Can be caused by hereditary factors, illness, medication, childbirth, poor nutrition or stress.

Styling Options

Natural Hair Processed Hair Other

Braids Relaxer Weaves

Locks Perm Wigs

Twists Textures Pinon Pieces

Natural styling remedies such as twists, coiling & braiding are excellent ways to epidite hair growth.


. Moisturize scalp regularly

. Avoid excessive oils and hair sprays on hair

. Wrap hair every night and cover with a scarf


. Can break hair if applied too tight or left in too long

. Use a moisturizing spray regularly to keep hair moist

* Curly hair types may tangle when washed. Consult with a stylist before shampooing, choosing a hair texture or matching a color to your hair.

Managing Your Roots

There are Five Stages of Locking

. Shampoo and condition every 2 weeks. A hot oil treatment is

recommended for dry scalp.

. Avoid heavy greases, such as beeswax.

. Re-twist locks every 4-6 weeks to prevent thinning. It takes 3-5 months for

locks to bond together.

Choosing Colors

The Essential Process of Hair Coloring

. Consult with a stylist before coloring your hair

. Choose a color that will compliment your complexion. Use shades lighter

or darker than your eyebrows

. Rinses are temporary (Color rinses out after a few shampoos)

. Semi-permanent colors are formulated to be more lasting than rinses, but

milder than permanent color

. Never apply a permanent color the same day of relaxing your hair

Relaxed Hair


. Have it done professionally to prevent over processing

. Retouch new growth every 4-6 weeks

. Get a treatment every 4-6 weeks

. Trim hair every 4-6 weeks

*Chemically straightening the hair is referred to as a relaxer, not a perm.

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