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COVID-19 Salon Updates - Salon rules : Must wear mask,  by appointments only,  must make appointment at least 1 day in advance, 24 hour cancelation fee applied, no food or drinks allowed, only clients being serviced are allowed NO VISITORS, not accepting any 3rd party promotions until further notice including Groupon, ClassPass, Yelp, etc. Pre-existing condition clients : 10AM appointments are available Wednesday-Sunday

1. What is the price for my service?

a. Price varies depending on the type of service

2 How much should I tip?

a. We have a $13 minimum gratuity on all Groupon services; otherwise, it is completely up to you.

3. Will I get the 10% online discount even if the booking booking website is not functioning properly?

a. Yes, just make sure to call in to let us know, so we can remedy the issue. If you fail to confirm then you will not receive the discount.

4. What is the retail price for my Groupon service?

 You can check the services category of our your voucher fine print.

Groupon not valid for active  clients  within the  past 9 months.

To find the expiration date of your Groupon deal, you can:

  • Check the expiration date listed under the voucher code on any voucher
  • Navigate to Merchant Center's "Campaign Management" tab, where each deal's expiration is listed underneath the launch date.
  • Click on the settings button for a specific deal in Merchant Center's to download a voucher list

Where can I check the expiration terms and dates of my deal?

  • Check the expiration date listed under the voucher code on any voucher
  • Navigate to Merchant Center's "Campaign Management" tab, where each deal's expiration is listed underneath the launch date.
  • Click on the settings button for a specific deal in Merchant Center's to download a voucher list

Can I extend or change my expiration date?
Since changing an expiration date can confuse customers who've already purchased the deal, we avoid edits like this whenever possible.

If there are exceptional circumstances, Please contact Groupon Support (merchantsupport@groupon.com) to discuss.

What if a customer tries to use a voucher after expiration?
We not obligated—to offer some leeway immediately after a deal expires. Keep in mind that all vouchers will always be good for the value of the Groupon. Because of this customers can use the value of the Groupon towards the service offered, much like a gift card.

We not obligated—to offer some leeway immediately after a deal expires. After the expiration date, federal gift card law indicates that the amount paid never expires, and customers can use the amount paid toward a full-priced sta

5. Will it cost me the same if I purchase in house?

a. Yes. In order to do so we charge a $13 minimum gratuity, $9 tax on hair service, and $4 tax on spa services.

6. How much is a color?

a. Semi-color starts at $40 and permanent-color starts at $60

7. How much is a weave?

a. Starts at $300. $25 a track.

8. How much is a rodset?

a. Starts at $70. Depends on length.

9. What is the retail price ?

a. $90

10. How much is a spot color/touch up?

a. Starts at $20

11. How much is just a haircut?

a. Starts at $45

12. How much is a trim?

a. Starts at $30

13. How much is a deep treatment?

a. Starts at $25

14. How much is a virgin relaxer?

a. Starts at $100

15. How much is a relaxer retouch?

a. $70-$80+ (6-8 weeks), $90-$100+ (8-12 weeks). Any longer than 3 months will be considered a virgin relaxer ($100-$125+)

Hair Questions

1. What is a trim?

a. A trim is considered cutting off the dead ends of the hair no more than an inch, which helps the hair continue to grow and remain healthy.

2. How long does semi-permanent color last?

a. It is recommended that you get a retouch every 6 weeks, but no longer than 8 weeks.

3. How long does a relaxer last?

a. Also, 6-8 weeks.

4. Does the salon provide the hair?

a. Unfortunately not, but we can give you a great recommendation on where to find exactly what you are looking for.

5. What color brand do you use?

a. Logics and Aveda

6. What relaxer brand do you use?

a. Designer Touch and Affirm

7. Does it cost for a consultation?

a. No, and it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

8. How long will my hair service take?

a. That is ultimately dependent on the service you are receiving, but most services take between 2-3 hours.

9. When should I come back?

a. At least every 2 weeks in order to keep up your look.

10. Are no-lye relaxers better and/ or milder?

a. No-lye relaxer may be more gentle on the scalp. The FDA (food & Drug administration) applies the sane precautions for both because the way they work is the same

11. How can i deep condition my hair ?

a. Apply a deep conditioner to hair and scalp cover with a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for about 15 minutes. You can wrap your hair in a towel and wash hair thoroughly. This is very good for dry brittle hair.

12. What are some hair care basics?

a. Sleep with satin scarf or with satin pillow case, do a deep conditioner at least every two to three weeks, avoid overuse of products as this weight the hair down,making the styling difficult, massage your scalp on a regular basis to promote circulation and oil production (the better you treat your hair , the easier it will be to grow and the healthier it will look), eat a proper diet. vitamins and minerals are essential for proper hair growth, water (moisture ) is your friend, spritzing a little water on your hair every day is a good idea.

13. How do i transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?

a. There is really no quick or easy way. A relaxer is permanent. It cannot be removed (except with scissors). if you want to grow your hair out, be prepared for breakage, so be sure to deep condition. Some transition styles are preferred styling options. Cut off the relaxed hair - depending on how much new growth and your preferred styling option. You can wear a TWA ( teeny weeny Afro).

14. What is a Wash and Style

a. Wash and style is only done on chemically process hair. It doesn't include natural hair service.

15. What is our Natural Hair services.

a. Thermal straightening ( press and curl), Double strand, Rod set, Braids (without extension) Locs and Cornrows (without extension)

General Questions

1. Do you do natural hair?

a. Yes, we specialize in natural hair, weave, haircuts, colors.

2. What services do you offer?

a. Haircuts, colors, weaves, braids and natural hair

3. Where are you located?

a. 615 Washington Ave. between Dean st. and Bergen St. 2 or 3 train to Bergen St. or C train to Clinton/Washington

4. What are your hours?

a. 10AM-7PM Wednesday-Friday, 9AM-6PM Saturday, and 11AM-5PM Sunday

5. How long should I call in advance to either cancel or book an appointment?

a. We accept walk-ins for hair service, however we recommend you book an appointment at least 24hrs in advance.  We do have a waitlist that we can place clients in case there is a cancellation. We enforce a strict 24hr cancellation policy.

6. Do I need to bring in my Groupon? Groupon policy?

a. All Groupons must be verified at the time of booking. Please see fine print of Groupon. No refunds for any third party purchases.

7. Do you give refunds?

a. We do not issue refunds. However, client satisfaction is our primary concern and as such we will do our best to remedy any situation that leaves a client unsatisfied.

8. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

a. We have a strict no refund policy, which states that you can only transfer to another service for the equivalent cost. We, also, abide by a 24 hour cancellation policy, and a 6 month expiration on all Groupon purchases, which starts the day of purchase.

9. How long do your specials and promotions last?

a. Limited Time Offer. Offer can be removed without written notice.

10. What is our cancellation fees for  services?

a. Our cancellation fee is $20, which applies only less than 24 hrs notice.

About Our Staff

1. Do you have experienced technicians?

a. Yes, we have very experienced technicians.

2. What do your hair stylists specialize in?

a. All the latest trends

3. How many massage therapists do you have?

a. No longer have this service  

4. Do you have any female hair stylist?

a. Yes at the present time

5. How many hair stylists do you have?

a. hairstylists and  barber

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