How to Care for Wet Hair

Sometimes we want to dry our hair as quickly as possible and get on to the next thing. But after washing your hair, it’s time to exercise patience; wet hair is vulnerable to damage. Here’s how to best care for your hair when it’s wet.

Most women have used towels for drying their hair, or to wrap hair up into a towel turban. But beware. Since hair is more susceptible to breaking when wet, winding your hair up in a heavy towel can inflict damage. Towel turbans are often the cause of spit ends, broken ends, and terrible tangles. Instead, use a towel to delicately pat dry your hair, blotting out water without squeezing, wringing or twisting.
While your hair is wet is a great time to detangle. After towel blotting or letting hair partially air-dry, add your favorite detangling product. This might be an anti-frizz serum, a leave-in conditioner or light hair oil. Your hair will absorb products best once it’s partially dry. Use your fingers to distribute the product through your hair. Then slowly pull a wide-tooth comb from your roots to your ends until your hair is knot-free.
If you’re planning to blow dry your hair, consider adding a heat protectant spray made with argan, castor or sunflower seed oil. This will keep your hair safer from the negative effects of heat styling.
Make sure you’re using the right products on wet hair. Hair gels, waxes and thick pastes will assist you for some styles, but these are all intended for use on dry hair.
Clips and holders
Habitually wearing your hair in a ponytail can lead to breakage, even when your hair is thoroughly dry. But when your hair is wet and vulnerable, pulling your hair back tightly becomes a major no-no. Buns and ponytails need to wait until after hair is dry. Especially beware rubber bands, which have a terrible effect on wet hair.
If you need to get that hair out of your face, or you’re ready to start drying it, use professional-grade styling clips. These curved clips fit the contours of your head. Visit your local beauty supply, or buy a few online.
Next time you come in for an appointment, we’d love to talk about your wet hair and styling concerns. Our expert stylists are always happy to answer your questions and have long discussions about hair. Give us a call today.



ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGES Environmental factors such as strong sun, wind, cold air, temperature variations’ and changes in air humidity can play a big part in moisture loss leaving the hair dry. Also, the constant changes from going in and out doors air can cause the cuticle layers of the hair loose moisture quickly to the atmospheres.: Environmental effect on the hair cannot be avoided but with better management threw out the environment change and different regimen can help keep the hair healthier as possible

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CHEMICAL DAMAGES Chemical treated hair such as bleaching, highlights, relaxers, and also coloring can have some serious consequences on the health of the hair if not properly done. Chemical treatments change the physical structure of the hair. Certain hair products just by their ingredients can dry out the hair and cause excessive tangle and frizz, this can leave your hair dull and dry feeling brittle.

: Proper care for chemical process hair would be to strengthen and protect by sealing in moisture with restructuring treatments and deep treatment often to protect against future breakages.

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PHYSICAL DAMAGES Physical damage hair can be caused by the physical way on how you treat your hair, such as the hair styles you apply to the hair. In this case it may result in being applied too tight to the scalp causing loss of the edges’ or receding hair line. Also leaving in a certain style for too long that haven’t be properly taken care of while in the hair can result in consequences on the health of your hair might be greater than when it was left loose and conditioned on a regular basis. Excessive detangling can result in split ends and eventually breakage.

: Properly detangling the hair with detangle hair products, wide tooth combs , paddle brushes and using conditioner during your wash will prevent breakages and less damages to your hair.

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HEAT DAMAGES Heat damage to hair cause by heat appliances’ such as flat irons and blow dryers, removes moisture from the surface of the hair resulting in brittle dry hairs, which later on can cause breakages.

: Heat protectors, controlled heat on your heat appliance for examples 350 degrees for the flat iron and low or cold on blow dryer will be less harsh and healthier for your hair.

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We are dedicated to making sure that every customer has a wonderful spa experience. But, our customer service experience starts long before you walk through the door. It begins when you call to make your appointment. You will always be answered with a friendly voice. We work to get you an appointment that fits your schedule.

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Modern, Refreshed Looks

Get out of that time warp and become brand new. If it’s been ages since you last changed up your hairstyle, it’s surely time for a change. No matter the decade your hair is stuck in, it’s never too late modernize your look. You may think, “There is nothing I can do about my unmanageable hair.” or, “My hair is easy to maintain, so why deal with the hassle of changing it up.” Sadly, there is no quick fix, but with the aid of a hair professional, you can surely obtain a nearly maintenance-free new look. Give one of the FANTASTIC, highly educated stylist at House of Hair Salon and Spa a chance, and we will make sure to give you a style that reflect your inner beauty, and bring your mane into 2017.

Forgo the hot rollers, and transition to the modernized rollerset technique, which rolls the hair out instead of inward. This version allows for more volume and a longer lasting revamped style. Another option is the rodset, which is similar in many ways, but utilizes differentiating sizes of rods depending upon the tightness of curl you desire. But if straight hair is more your style, get your hair professionally relaxed. When a relaxer is not optional, employ a flat iron. With any style make sure to get a trim with any straightening treatment to keep it growing effectively and prevent breakage to give it a bouncier texture. Add a light highlighter to bring out your skin tone, which will brighten up your all around appearance.

During the 1960’s and ‘70’s extremely long, flat hair was rampant, but today’s stylings can offer much more variety and dimension. A barrel iron is perfect to complete the process with a little wave, and rid you of that rough, brittle consistency. Layers are key to provide the illusion of fullness. For mature locks make sure to use a product like Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner to bring out the natural shades and a natural bristle brush to keep your natural oils flowing; otherwise, your color may appear flat and aged.

The ‘80’s were a spectacular time of exploration, which revolutionized the capabilities of hair design, but it could be time to revisit your look. Everybody loves a little volume, but to pull off a more professional, casual appearance a new cut and style may be in store. A short cut should give you that edge that you are seeking. Leave a modest amount of length on the bangs to allow for a little diversity in style. Shorter hair is always better with some texture, so grab a box of Aveda Texturizing Crème or Shaping Wax. For better results reverse your natural hair flow, which will restrict it from laying flat. Choose a bright color to further emphasize your style characteristics.

The braid was big in the 1990’s and is still going strong today. The more braids the better! Big braids with smaller ones in between quickly reinvent your braid styling. Or, leave a bit of slack in your braids to allow for more mobility for a loose bun. The side braid is, also, growing in popularity, as well as horizontal side braids with a French braid done the middle, which both expand on the concept of braiding. For an even more creative look do the horizontal braid or middle interlocked braids, which give you similar hair fashion. Use a bottle of Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Straightener or any one of the other softening Smooth Infusion products.

Whether you’re looking to simply refresh your look or completely modernized your look, House of Hair Salon and Spa has the expertise to provide you any style from any era, and the ability to give you the style update you yearn. As our scissors as our wands, we will work our magic to present you to the new millennium as a new and improved you. Please visit to book an appointment and learn more about our services.

BACK2SCHOOL Hair Impressions

As the school year approaches it’s about time to figure out your new look for the new year. We all want to make the best impression on our first day, so let’s figure out your new hairstyle first. After that, surely the rest of your look will fall in line.

This year is all about the natural look. From fall colors to natural hairstyles, we all may need a little help to achieve the perfected “natural” look we desire. Feel free to retain that fun, classic beachy look for as long as you want, but if you’re looking for a more drastic appearance go for some bi, sassy curls this Autumn. Make sure to get it done by a professional, so you don’t dry out your hair, and use correct maintenance afterwards to upkeep the buoyancy of the look. This will allow you to keep the bouncy, malleable tresses without all the hassle of more restrictive hairstyles throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

Get some highlighs/lowlights or buzz down the side of your head topersonalize your unique hair type and style, and you’ll surely turn some heads on the first day back. With this edgy look you’ll be seen as bold and expressive. These looks show,” I’m going to be myself, so take it or leave it.”With that sort of confidence you will be starting off the year on a great note, and it will make way for even more positive energy to come your way. But if you’re not yet ready for such an extreme hair move, just get the under portion of your head cut down, so you can push your hair over for a more conservative look or try a swept over bang, which is currently all the rage with Taylor Swift sporting the look recently with a platinum blonde messy bob. For more volume part it off to the opposite side than usual.

Meanwhile, the braid is always in. What new and innovative for this school year? Take a trip back to the past and be inspired by the milk maids of lore. Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame lately showed up at an event with this style. Just pull your hair over to one side and braid as usual, tie at the end, pull it around to the front of your hairline, and fasten it behind your ear. Or, when you get into your later years of schooling you may want to try to maintain some of the youth of your past, so try the headband braid. Just get a braid, pull it over to the opposite ear, and clip. Another choice is the multi-braided bun, which requires you to separate your hair into sections, braid sections into cornrows, make into buns, and lock into place with a bobby pin.

These are just a few of the hairstyle you could try for the new school year. Come in to House of Hair Salon and Spa for more creative styles, hairstyling tips, and for a limited time we are offering $50 for any Back to School Natural Hair Service with Student ID.

BOLD Modern Colors

Bold colors are easier than ever to achieve whether it be a drastic or subtle change. From hair extensions to wigs to weaves, there has never been such an abundance of choices in faux hair while hairstylists are becoming more and more accustomed to the rapidly growing hair colors and highlighting techniques. The ombre and balayage effects are becoming even more popular when intermingled with different hair tints. So go wild with some brighthues and be inspired by notable wild color success stories like that of Katy Perry's bright blue locks, Selena Gomez's rainbow highlights, Lady Gaga’s technicolor looks, and the ever changing shades of Demi Lovato. Although, maybe you prefer a more subtle look with just a little flair, well, coloring your tips or a semi-permanent color may do for you.

There are more products than ever to defend against the downfalls of frequent coloring such as: Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner, Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner, and Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner, and Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss to maintain the shine of your new color.

Grey Hair Don’t Care
artificial greyThe question is should you age gracefully for succumb to the pressures of society and cover up your beautiful, natural hair that you’ve put in years to accomplish. Well, you don’t have to worry any longer. Grey is finally trendy!!! More and more young people are choosing to color their hair grey and white hues, as well as revolutionizing the art of unconventional hair color with icy purple and blue shades. In order to sustain your gorgeous silver strands for years to come, whether natural or artificially colored, makes sure to use color revitalizing products to keep the grey vibrant, well shaped, and movable to maximize volume and softness. But it may be time for a style upgrade if you’ve still got the same hairstyle as you did in the 1980’s. Although, that’s coming back as well, so just be you, and go for that new bold color look if you want or remain with the classically stunning appearance that is now sought after more than ever before.

All of the products and services mentioned and more can be purchased at House of Hair Salon and Spa at 615 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, so come on in for that bold, new look you’ve been wanting, but were too scared to try. You are in good hands!!!

Ombre vs. Balayage

Ombre is meant to create a subtle shadow effect with hair color; darker shades are intermixed throughout the faded colors. Balayage is more so a sweeping technique through the use of highlighting. Both ombre and balayage work well on almost any hair type. Although there are many similarities between the sun-kissed, grown out look that both ombre and balayage create when it comes to appearance, there are, also, many differences pertaining to the process and maintenance.

Ombre coloring will decrease as the hair gets lighter toward the ends to convey color blocking layers and a more na

tural appearance through slight transition of hues, which requires more effort to maintain than its counterpart. Generally, the ombre style is best on darker shades. The blonde look actually has its own name known as sombre.

Balayage application is done by highlighting triangular portions of the hair onto a foil. Unlike ombre, balayage creates an even less pronounced shift from dark to light while implementing dark shades all the way down to the tip of your strands. Even though balayage takes less work to sustain, you will usually need another application every 8-10 weeks compared to 6-9 months for ombre styling.

Just like any other coloring treatment, balayage and ombre look the best when they flatter your skin tone. Compliment the seasons by wearing more vibrant shades in the summer and darker, nature colored shades in cooler months. Color correction may be necessary with recently colored hair.

Visit House of Hair Salon and Spa to learn more about these processes and many others including: Semi and Permanent Color by Matrix and Logics, Relaxers, Flat Ironing, Weaves, our Spa Services etc. or book online for a 15% discount.

Secrets of Natural Hair

Through many consultations, House of Hair Salon & Spa has found that the most consistent needs of people with natural hair are healthy, shiny hair and styling options.

We have narrowed down the best kept secrets to achieve this in three (3) steps:

1) The deep treatment and nourishment of the hair-: Natural hair requires a lot of moisture. Parched hair loses its softness and shine and is more prone to breakage and split ends. A salon professional can tailor a Deep Treatment to suit your particular needs to nurse your strands back to health and keep hair strong and help retain the moisture it needs to stay beautiful.

2) The Hair trim -:

The benefits of hair trimming are to remove split ends and hair damage. These split ends if not trimmed off will travel up the shaft of the hair and cause hair breakage. This will make hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less and thus grow longer and healthier in a shorter amount of time. You should refrain from a DIY trim because many times you are unable to see all the ends that need to be trimmed. You also do not know the resulting angle of your cut. The eyes of a trained professional will ensure that all split ends are trimmed and that you have an evenly styled trim.

3) Styling Options -:

There are a variety of styling options for natural hair. If you love a polished curlpattern, try a Rodset, Two Strand twist or Flat Twist. A hairstylist will use a variety of Rods, and technics to create a looser or tighter curled style that is easier to maintain a polished look, and provide styling flexibility. Another great option is Crochet Weave or Braids, This option allows you to protect your hair by having it cornrowed and then crocheting the desired hair into it, which generally takes 1 ½ hours.

Visit or stop by our location on 615 Washington Av.e, Brooklyn NY for more styling tips and options.

Dry Hair and Skin Care in the Dry Air

In the mid-summer heat it is critical that you properly moisturize your hair. The humid air depletes the hair of nourishment, makes it frizzy, and sometimes unmanageable. While the vitamin D from the sun provides necessary proteins to the hair to keep it alive and thriving, its UV rays counteract the benefits by drying out the hair. Use a product like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil to offset the sun’s negative effects.

Make sure to condition your hair regularly and even invest in a deep treatment. It is suggested that you hold off on shampooing, and only do so every 2-3 days to allow your natural oils to nurture your tresses. Get regular trims to keep those split ends at bay thereby increasing your hair’s vitality. Come on in to House of Hair Salon and Spa for a Haircut, Shampoo, and Style with Optional Deep Condition for up to 55% off. Visit for details.

Summer is the time for being outdoors, but before you jump into the pool apply a conditioning cream or treatment oiland protect your head from the drying effects of chlorine by putting on a cap. Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser is great for removing chlorine, salt, and product build-up.

The muggy heat sucks hydration from the skin just as though it does from the hair. In order to keep a fresh and healthy complexion, make sure to make regular trips in to House of Hair Salon and Spa for when that stubborn acne arises due to clogged pores from being in the stuffy open air or visit for the above mentioned products, tips, and specials such as 15% off on all online bookings.

What You Need to Know About The Hottest New Hair Trend - Crochet Extensions!

Crochet hair extensions, just as the name implies, are actually crocheted into your existing hair. These hair extensions are attached directly onto cornrowed hair using a latch hook crocheting tool. This latch and hook technique has been used in some parts of the hair community for the last decade or so, but only recently has it become truly refined. The tools used, the innovative techniques, and the methods of styling have come a long way. Today's crochet hair extensions are the best they've ever been, and they have all of the following advantages.

The Time for Installation

Crochet hair extensions take less than an hour and a half to install when they are done by a professional stylist. This can considerably shorten the time spent in the styling chair. Standard sew-in braids, box style braids, and twist braids all take far longer to install.

The Cost of the Extensions

The cost of crochet hair extensions is quite reasonable, especially considering the depth and quality of the technique. The average cost for crochet hair extensions goes from $120-$150, depending upon the style.

The Longevity of the Extensions

Crochet hair extensions last for four to six weeks. They are very low maintenance and don't require constant tightening or touch-ups during that time.

The Realistic Look of the Hair

Crochet extensions are amazingly realistic looking. In fact, women with this style of extension are often asked if they have been growing their natural hair for their whole life. The variety of hair can range from tight curls to a loose curly look, dreadlocks, double strand or even braided hair depending on the look you want.

The Easy Styling

Crochet extensions are remarkably easy to style - in fact, they are simply "shake and go" in most cases.

The Minimal Impact on the Scalp

Crochet hair extensions put less stress on your scalp than other types of hair extensions do. With a crochet hair extension, the synthetic hair is simply looped and fastened onto the hair that's already there. There is no tugging or pressure.

At the House of Hair, we are here to help you achieve the beautiful head of hair you've been dreaming about. Our specialties are haircuts, hair coloring, hair extensions including crochet hair extensions, massages, and facials. Visit our website today to find out more!

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Why do we need your medical information?

Your well being is of utmost importance to us. YES, even before your beauty needs!!! It is necessary to provide our masseuses your medical history in order to keep you safe, as well as our staff.

In order to provide each and every client the most sanitary and carefree conditions, we deeply desire our customers to provide us the most detailed information as they are able regarding their physical and mental condition. Whether it’s allergies, illness, or infection etc., we strive to keep everyone safe.

Our clients are numero uno. And in favor of keeping our doors open to continue to provide the bar none service that we have for over 18 years, we subscribe to giving our clients the ultimate service.

All of the information we receive is confidential and it is imperative for us to be as knowledgeable as possible to facilitate the BEST service in Brooklyn with great rates might I add. So, come on in to House of Hair Salon and Spa and we’ll make sure to do everything we can to accommodate you with our family friendly services.

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